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Global Health Forum

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Global Health Forum

Building a healthier world together: Join the Global Health Forum and become a catalyst for positive change in global health. Engage with healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, and advocates as we address critical health issues, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions. From disease prevention to healthcare equity, together we strive to improve the well-being of communities worldwide. Join us at the forefront of the global health movement and shape a healthier future for all.

Proudly organized by C-STAR Global in the cities across North America, Europe and Asia. Global Health Forum is two day event that brings together 100's of leaders around the globe to speak, learn and network with passionate minds like you.

Forum Tracks

Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Emerging infectious diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Viral Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Bacterial Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Fungal Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Neuro Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Blood Infectious Diseases

Latest Research and Updates on: Rare Infectious Diseases


Innovative Solutions and Technologies in COVID-19 Response

Social and Behavioral Aspects of Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Diagnostics for Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Public Health Response to Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Orthopedic Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and their prevention

Surgical Site Infections

Epidemiology of Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Prevention

Control and Cure

Cancer and Oncology Research

Biology of Cancer

Cause of Cancer

Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Clinical Research & Clinical Trials of cancer

Case Reports on Cancer (or) Oncology Treatments

Cancer Drugs Market

Cancer Prevention

Organ Specific Cancer

Warning Signs of Cancer

Cancer Prognosis

Types of Cancer

Cancer Imaging Techniques

Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages

Treatments of Cancer

Cancer Management and Research

Advances In Cancer Research and Treatment

Cancer and its Relevance with other Diseases

Cancer Epidemiology

Cancer Pathophysiology

Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic Disorders

Psychosomatic Treatment

Psychiatric Disorder

Addiction Psychiatry

Consultation-liaison psychiatry

Behavioral Psychology

Psychosomatic disorders in pediatrics


Somatic Symptom Disorder

Emergency psychiatry

Mood Disorder

Anxiety and Disasters

Psychiatric Nursing

Military psychiatry

Sexual Psychiatric Disorder

Forensic Psychiatry


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Drug abuse and Addiction


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Alzheimer’ sand Dementia


Mental Health and Wellness



Behavioral Science and Medicine

Women and Mental Health

Autism and ADHD

Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

Personality Disorders


Stress and Depression

Sleep Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

AutismMental Health Nursing
 and ADHD

Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (P.N.E.I.)


Mental Health Recovery

Telehealth & Telemedicine

IT in Medical Research

Digital Health

Distance Counseling

Health Informatics

Tele mental Health

Risk Management

Health Care Apps


Future of Telemedicine

The potential of Digital Health

New developments and possibilities of Mobile Health

Telemedicine during and post pandemic

The opportunities of Digital Health and Telemedicine for the insurance industry

Reimbursement as a key concern in Telemedicine

Pediatric Healthcare

Primary Healthcare

Hospital management and healthcare informatics

Patient Safety


Virtual Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Electronic Therapy (E-Therapy)

mHealth & eHealth


Successful practice of Telemedicine implementation

Integration of AI in healthcare

Block chain – The New Trust Code for Digital Health Workflows

Current Challenges of Digitalization in Healthcare Industry

Visions and Strategies for Virtual care services

Emerging trends and opportunities in digital health market

Virtual and augmented reality in digital health

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Patient staff engagement and culture change

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Digital imaging

Healthcare marketing

Healthcare and new technologies

Virtual Hospital

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Telehealth & Digital Transformation

Digital Health Start-up Forum

Bio Medical Informatics

Drug Screening

Nursing Informatics

Healthcare & IT

Pharmaceutical Technologies

Electronic prior authorization as a pharmacy technological trend

Medication therapy management & health information exchanges

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances as a solution for drug abuse issue

Prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP)

NCPDP script standard for specialty pharmacies

Real-time pharmacy

Cloud ERP in pharmaceutical field

Data security & pharmaceutical technologies

An overview of the DNA-encoded library technology

Pharmaceutical Technologies: antibiotics vs superbugs

Personalized Medicine: body-on-a-chip approach

The future of cannabidiol medication in pain management

Advantages of cloud technology in small pharmaceutical companies


C-STAR Global always bring you best conference experience by organizing at most wished places. We don't make any exceptions this time either. C-STAR Global partnering with Paris to bring you to the wonderful place on the earth.


Venue yet to be decided

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I expect from paying for and attending the event?

Unleash Your Expertise, Research, or Services on our global platforms, reaching a wide audience and gaining recognition for your contributions.

Engage in Knowledge Exchange with Esteemed Speakers, enabling you to learn from industry experts and participate in meaningful discussions.

Forge Connections and Networks with Peers Worldwide, establishing valuable relationships and collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Request CPD Credits (Continuing Professional Development) to foster your Professional Growth, demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning.

Leverage our Speaker Marketing Program to elevate Your Brand and Personal Visibility, allowing you to increase your professional reputation and expand your reach to new heights.

How do I register for a conference?

To register for the conference, you may either complete the online registration form directly on the website or send your request via email to contact@starconferences.org.

When it comes to payment, C-STAR Global accepts all major credit cards, with the exception of Discover. Additionally, checks are also accepted as a form of payment.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you wish to cancel your registration, we understand that circumstances may have arisen that necessitate this decision. To proceed with the cancellation process, we kindly ask you to follow the designated procedure outlined in our terms and conditions. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for both parties involved.

How can I showcase my products and services at the event or explore sponsorship opportunities to support the conference?

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, please write to us at contact@starconferences.org with relevant subject line.

How do I submit an abstract?

To submit your abstract for the event, you can download the template from our website or request our representative to email it to you. Please send your final abstract in either .doc or PDF format via email to contact@starconferences.org . Once received, our team will publish it in our pre-conference brochure, which will showcase your expertise and provide networking opportunities for you during the event.

Is your organization providing an invitation letter, or will you deal directly with the embassy?

To request an invitation letter, please send an email to contact@starconferences.org and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that you will need to submit your application to the relevant authority on your own and follow up accordingly. C-STAR Global is unable to follow up on your behalf or engage in direct correspondence with consulates.

Where is accommodation provided?

To enhance your overall comfort, we offer accommodation conveniently located within the same premises as the conference room. However, if space limitations at the hotel prevent this arrangement, we will make suitable alternative arrangements to ensure your utmost convenience.

If I want to attend the event in person, will you cover travel and hotel fees?

When you opt for a plan that includes accommodation, C-STAR Global will assist you in securing comfortable lodging conveniently located either within or in close proximity to the conference venue.

Could you please share how you found my profile?

As part of our diligent review process, our team thoroughly evaluates profiles that align with the theme of the conference. During this careful assessment, we identify profiles that well-match with the conference's theme and objectives. We take great care in selecting speakers who can make valuable contributions to the event.

How will I get my invoice?

When you have registered and paid online, you will be sent confirmation of your booking.

What materials will I get at the conference venue?

Upon arrival at the conference venue, you will receive a conference kit. This kit will include a conference brochure, personalized name badge for you and your accompanying guests, lunch coupons, and other relevant materials to enhance your conference experience.

Does the conference offer avenues for recruitment or marketing purposes?

Our conferences offer valuable networking opportunities that can serve as a platform for recruitment and marketing efforts. In addition, sponsorship and registration for exhibitor booths provide organizations with a prominent presence, allowing them to showcase their products, services, or employment opportunities to a targeted audience of professionals, experts, and decision-makers in the field.

How much time will I have to present my topic at the conference?

Each presenter is allotted 30 minutes for their presentation, including time for Q&A.

Who will be attending the conference?

C-STAR Global brings together like-minded professionals whose work aligns with the conference's theme or track, creating a collaborative environment for networking and knowledge exchange.

Approximately how many people attend the conferences?

While we cannot provide an exact number till the registrations are closed, our conferences typically attract a diverse and engaged audience from various professional backgrounds and regions. We strive to create a dynamic and interactive environment for our attendees, providing ample networking opportunities and fostering meaningful interactions among participants.

Is it possible to register for multiple speaking slots at the event?

Our conferences are designed to offer speaking opportunities to a diverse range of experts in various fields. As such, we understand that some speakers may have expertise in multiple areas. If you are interested in presenting on different topics, we recommend submitting separate abstracts for each topic of interest during the designated submission process. Our team will review and consider all submissions based on the event's agenda and goals.

Do you provide Keynote slots for the speakers?

While we cannot guarantee specific slots, we value all our speakers' knowledge and contributions. Each speaker is critical to creating the overall agenda and providing useful insights to our audience. C-STAR Global take pride in giving speakers a forum to share their knowledge and network. Rest assured, we will try our best to accommodate and promote all our speakers' expertise in accordance with the event's aims and agenda.

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