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Global Pharma Forum

Welcome to the Global Pharma Forum, where we dive deep into the intricate world of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and healthcare. In this exclusive event, we will unravel the industry dynamics that shape these sectors and explore the strategic acquisitions, economic challenges, and concentrated efforts aimed at shaping the future of healthcare as we know it.

Throughout this immersive experience, we will guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Our expert speakers will share their invaluable insights, shedding light on the strategic acquisitions that drive growth and innovation within the sector. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how these acquisitions impact not only individual companies but also the entire global healthcare ecosystem.

In addition to exploring strategic acquisitions, we will delve into the economic challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies today. From pricing pressures to regulatory hurdles, our discussions will provide you with a clear understanding of the obstacles that shape decision-making in this complex industry. You'll walk away with practical strategies to navigate these challenges and position yourself for success.

But it doesn't stop there. At the Global Pharma Forum, we believe in pushing boundaries and shaping the future of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Through thought-provoking sessions and interactive workshops, we will encourage participants to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions. Together, we can create a future where cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking therapies, and patient-centric care converge.

Join us at the Global Pharma Forum as we embark on a journey to unravel industry dynamics and shape the future of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and healthcare. This is your opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain invaluable knowledge from experts in their field, and become part of a global community dedicated to driving positive change in healthcare worldwide. Don't miss out on this transformative experience!

Proudly organized by C-STAR Global in the cities across North America, Europe and Asia. Global Technology Forum is two day event that brings together 100's of leaders around the globe to speak, learn and network with passionate minds like you.

Forum Tracks

Trends and Innovations in Biopharmaceuticals 

Breakthrough Therapies and Their Impact on Global Healthcare

Latest Advancements in R&D

Importance of Cross-Functional Collaboration in the R&D Process

Potential Blockbuster Biologics, Molecules and Drugs in 2024

Top Anticipated Drug Launches of 2024

Drug Discovery Innovations

Advancements in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Emerging Therapeutic Modalities

Clinical Developments and Trials in Biopharmaceuticals

Current Drug Development -  Achievements and Scope

Trends in Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Recent Evidence and Case Studies

Gene and Cell Therapy: Exploring the Triumphs and Hurdles

Precision Medicine and Personalized Therapies

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the Biopharma Industry

Case Studies and Best Practices

Navigating Regulatory Challenges in Biopharma M&A

Innovations in Deal Structuring: From Licensing Agreements to Joint Ventures

The Role of Intellectual Property in Biopharma M&A

Financial Modeling and Valuation in Biopharma M&A

Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Biopharma Landscape

Integration Challenges and Success Stories: People, Processes, and Technologies

Impact of M&A on Biopharma R&D: Accelerating Innovation or Stifling Creativity?

Ethical and Social Responsibility in Biopharma M&A

Emerging Trends and Future Outlook in Biopharma M&A

M&A Opportunities in Digital Health

Digital Transformation in Life Science Industry

Navigating Legal Challenges in AI Implementation within the Life Science Industry

Role of Process Mining in the Life Sciences Industry

Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine

Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma

Real-world Data Integration

Maturation of Cloud and Digital Transformation Programs

Blockchain Adoption in Pharma Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Anti-Counterfeiting

Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency

Economic Shift to Renewables

Strategic Network Design for Supply Chains

Global Strategies Against Drug Counterfeiting

Sustainable Serialization Practices

Integrating Track & Trace Solutions

Innovations in Packaging and Labeling

Efficient Warehouse and Logistics Management

Authentication Technologies for Security

Brand Protection Strategies

Enterprise-Level Solutions Against Counterfeiting

Strategies for Public Awareness and Patient Protection

Risk Management for Supply Chain Protection

Case Studies on Counterfeiting Efforts


C-STAR Global always bring you best conference experience by organizing at most wished places. We don't make any exceptions this time either. C-STAR Global partnering with Dubai to bring you to the wonderful place on the earth.

Crowne Plaza Dubai - Deira

Salahuddin Road, Dubai, 8668, United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I expect from paying for and attending the event?

Unleash Your Expertise, Research, or Services on our global platforms, reaching a wide audience and gaining recognition for your contributions.

Engage in Knowledge Exchange with Esteemed Speakers, enabling you to learn from industry experts and participate in meaningful discussions.

Forge Connections and Networks with Peers Worldwide, establishing valuable relationships and collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Request CPD Credits (Continuing Professional Development) to foster your Professional Growth, demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning.

Leverage our Speaker Marketing Program to elevate Your Brand and Personal Visibility, allowing you to increase your professional reputation and expand your reach to new heights.

How do I register for a conference?

To register for the conference, you may either complete the online registration form directly on the website or send your request via email to contact@cstarglobal.com

When it comes to payment, C-STAR Global accepts all major credit cards, with the exception of Discover. Additionally, checks are also accepted as a form of payment.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you wish to cancel your registration, we understand that circumstances may have arisen that necessitate this decision. To proceed with the cancellation process, we kindly ask you to follow the designated procedure outlined in our terms and conditions. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for both parties involved.

How can I showcase my products and services at the event or explore sponsorship opportunities to support the conference?

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, please write to us at contact@cstarglobal.com with relevant subject line.

How do I submit an abstract?

To submit your abstract for the event, you can download the template from our website or request our representative to email it to you. Please send your final abstract in either .doc or PDF format via email to contact@cstarglobal.com. Once received, our team will publish it in our pre-conference brochure, which will showcase your expertise and provide networking opportunities for you during the event.

Is your organization providing an invitation letter, or will you deal directly with the embassy?

To request an invitation letter, please send an email to contact@cstarglobal.com and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that you will need to submit your application to the relevant authority on your own and follow up accordingly. C-STAR Global is unable to follow up on your behalf or engage in direct correspondence with consulates.

Where is accommodation provided?

To enhance your overall comfort, we offer accommodation conveniently located within the same premises as the conference room. However, if space limitations at the hotel prevent this arrangement, we will make suitable alternative arrangements to ensure your utmost convenience.

If I want to attend the event in person, will you cover travel and hotel fees?

When you opt for a plan that includes accommodation, C-STAR Global will assist you in securing comfortable lodging conveniently located either within or in close proximity to the conference venue.

Could you please share how you found my profile?

As part of our diligent review process, our team thoroughly evaluates profiles that align with the theme of the conference. During this careful assessment, we identify profiles that well-match with the conference's theme and objectives. We take great care in selecting speakers who can make valuable contributions to the event.

How will I get my invoice?

When you have registered and paid online, you will be sent confirmation of your booking.

What materials will I get at the conference venue?

Upon arrival at the conference venue, you will receive a conference kit. This kit will include a conference brochure, personalized name badge for you and your accompanying guests, lunch coupons, and other relevant materials to enhance your conference experience.

Does the conference offer avenues for recruitment or marketing purposes?

Our conferences offer valuable networking opportunities that can serve as a platform for recruitment and marketing efforts. In addition, sponsorship and registration for exhibitor booths provide organizations with a prominent presence, allowing them to showcase their products, services, or employment opportunities to a targeted audience of professionals, experts, and decision-makers in the field.

How much time will I have to present my topic at the conference?

Each presenter is allotted 30 minutes for their presentation, including time for Q&A.

Who will be attending the conference?

C-STAR Global brings together like-minded professionals whose work aligns with the conference's theme or track, creating a collaborative environment for networking and knowledge exchange.

Approximately how many people attend the conferences?

While we cannot provide an exact number till the registrations are closed, our conferences typically attract a diverse and engaged audience from various professional backgrounds and regions. We strive to create a dynamic and interactive environment for our attendees, providing ample networking opportunities and fostering meaningful interactions among participants.

Is it possible to register for multiple speaking slots at the event?

Our conferences are designed to offer speaking opportunities to a diverse range of experts in various fields. As such, we understand that some speakers may have expertise in multiple areas. If you are interested in presenting on different topics, we recommend submitting separate abstracts for each topic of interest during the designated submission process. Our team will review and consider all submissions based on the event's agenda and goals.

Do you provide Keynote slots for the speakers?

While we cannot guarantee specific slots, we value all our speakers' knowledge and contributions. Each speaker is critical to creating the overall agenda and providing useful insights to our audience. C-STAR Global take pride in giving speakers a forum to share their knowledge and network. Rest assured, we will try our best to accommodate and promote all our speakers' expertise in accordance with the event's aims and agenda.

What does being a speaker involve? (Or) What topics do you want me to cover?

At our events, we pride ourselves on featuring speakers who offer a fresh and distinctive perspective on their topics involving their expertise. We wholeheartedly embrace the notion of giving our speakers the freedom to express themselves in their own way. We would be honored if your talk not only captivates the audience but also leaves them feeling inspired by your remarkable expertise.

As a speaker or delegate, is there any cost associated with participation in the event?

Yes, the speaker or delegate registration for the conference includes a registration fee. This charge assists in covering the costs associated with planning and hosting the event, such as venue rental, audio-visual equipment, promotional materials, and other logistical costs. C-STAR Global strives to provide a worthwhile experience for all participants at the event.

How can I find out when someone is scheduled to present?

The program for the Annual Meeting has information about each of the sessions being presented at the Annual Meeting. Yes, the easiest source to find which sessions a particular person is part of is to access business whatsapp group.

Can I see what sessions will be presented before I arrive on site?

Yes. The scientific program for the Annual Meetings is posted online as soon as it is finalized.

How do I submit abstract for the Annual Meeting?

Calls for abstract submissions will be available in individual Annual Meeting Websites. Depending on the type of proposal, and peer double blind review, scientific committee will make the decision on acceptance of the abstract talk.

Can I purchase tickets when I get to the meeting?

A limited number of tickets for special events may be available at the registration desk. We strongly suggest that you purchase your tickets in advance. We cannot guarantee the availability of any tickets on-site.

How can I buy hotel accommodation for conference meetings?

When you complete the Annual Meeting registration form, you have the option to option to choose 2 nights or 3 nights’ accommodation plans.

Are there any meals included with my registration?

STAR will provide only lunch and coffee breaks through the meeting.

What is included in the cost of my registration?

You will receive a name badge, scientific program and a conference booklet, when you arrive on site. With your name badge, you have access to attend all of the plenary sessions, and the concurrent sessions

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